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Just Walkin’ The Dogs is a business established and solely owned by Jeff Gill. Jeff has been a dog lover ever since he got his first dog at the age of 10. In his early 20’s Jeff became a Jackeroo in Queensland. Early one evening a dirty mangy hungry Border Collie/Queensland heeler cross appeared at his door. Jeff was cooking a T-Bone Steak for dinner. You guessed it, the dog ate the steak and Jeff the ice-cream, being the only other food in the fridgeAbout a year later when he moved back to Melbourne, the dog Useless(named by the farmer) came home with him and quickly adjusted to life in the city. Useless lived to be about 17. Jeff has always owned dogs ever since.

In recent years in his local park Jeff noticed everybody was asking him to walk or mind their dogs because they were too busy, unwell or going on holidays. He was having so much fun doing this that it inspired him to initiate a lifestyle change – turning his passion into his work. Jeff is an exceptional dog handler.  He enjoys all types of dogs from the very small to Mastiff’s and Irish Wolf Hounds. He loves to see all the dogs having fun.

All dogs are collected in an air-conditioned vehicle and harnessed. They are most importantly treated as precious friends.

So give Jeff a call on 0419-311-019 to discuss your dogs requirements or feel free to get in touch via our Contact Page

Whether you are going away, or  other time demands are preventing you from regular dog walking – you will be able to rest easy knowing your precious canine family member will be well cared for and entertained in Jeff’s care.

Customer Reviews: 


I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr Jeff Gill and using his professional dog walking service for the last 3.5 years. We have always found Jeff to be extremely reliable, punctual and most importantly, a provider of an exceptional service to his clients. Jeff's work is of the highest standard and we feel very comfortable leaving Maisy in Jeff's care.

Mrs Amanda Scrimshaw

The entry in my mobile phone is “Jeff Chester” – as Chester is Jeff’s dog and Jeff is synonymous with his dog and all dogs! Over the past 6 years Jeff has both walked and looked after our Labrador numerous times when we have gone on holidays. Diesel LOVES going to stay and jumps out excitedly when we arrive at Jeff’s place. Jeff’s place is Diesel’s second home. On a couple of occasions Diesel has been unwell whilst we have been away and Jeff managed this superbly – taking Diesel to his regular vet and following through with all vet recommendations – so that we returned home to a well dog!

Jeff is reliable and will love and care for your dog – dare I say – better than you do! That’s why Diesel looks forward to going to “Camp Jeff”!

Diesel The Labrador

If my dog had a ‘favourite person in the world’ other than her family it would have to be Jeff. Every time she sees Jeff she runs to him to receive a tickle and a cuddle.  Jeff has built an amazing rapport with my dog and it’s a joy to see. If you need someone to walk or look after your dog, I highly recommend Jeff for the job.


I have known Jeff Gill for the last 10 years, and found him to be a most reliable and trustworthy dog lover. He shares a passion for the care and well being animals. With 30 years of experience, he is well equipped to care for your hounds. I could not recommend him highly enough.


I have found Jeff Gill to be a patient, caring & experienced dog-walker.

 I have an Irish Wolfhound, a reserved breed of dog that usually doesn’t like strangers & treats new contacts with initial suspicion. Jeff developed trust with her by slowly & carefully building a relationship so that now she is relaxed & happy in his company. She has stayed with him for a few nights while we were on holidays, returning home in excellent condition having obviously enjoyed her time away.

 Jeff has always demonstrated an affinity with the dogs at our local park, & has admirable knowledge of the common health & behavioural problems of the canine world. I would not hesitate to recommend him to look after your dog.


My Family has benefited greatly from the services of Jeff Gill, our Dog walker for over 2 and half years. Jeff Gill services make it possible for us to give Hector the care he needs both physically and mentally. Jeff is consummate professional with regard to managing and looking after dogs. I would recommend Jeff Gill's dog walking services to anyone, without reservation.

Dr. Stephen Grant


Jeff Gill has been with us for over 4 years taking care of our Max. This service has been vital for our family as we travel frequently. Consequently, Jeff often will walk him 7 days while I am away and Max is left home for security reasons. I have recommended Jeff to many other friends who have dogs in our area. He is extremely trustworthy and reliable. I was unwell last year and did not have the strength to walk Max, without Jeff it would have been impossible for Max to get the exercise and care that he needed during that difficult time. We live at 148 Tooronga rd, Glen iris.

Chantal de Fraga

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