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If my dog had a ‘favourite person in the world’ other than her family it would have to be Jeff. Every time she sees Jeff she runs to him to receive a tickle and a cuddle.  Jeff has built an amazing


The entry in my mobile phone is “Jeff Chester” – as Chester is Jeff’s dog and Jeff is synonymous with his dog and all dogs! Over the past 6 years Jeff has both walked and looked after our Labrador numerous

My Family has benefited greatly from the services of Jeff Gill, our Dog walker for over 2 and half years. Jeff Gill services make it possible for us to give Hector the care he needs both physically and mentally. Jeff

Jeff Gill has been with us for over 4 years taking care of our Max. This service has been vital for our family as we travel frequently. Consequently, Jeff often will walk him 7 days while I am away and


I have known Jeff Gill for the last 10 years, and found him to be a most reliable and trustworthy dog lover. He shares a passion for the care and well being animals. With 30 years of experience, he is

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